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> Data storage solutions engineered for performance intensive applications

> Geared towards reducing rack space

> Solutions and services improve business efficiency, availability and management.

Solving: Expanding data storage, storage consolidation, designing and implementing storage infrastructure, data disaster recovery solutions, optimisation for business applications.


Data Storage Solution Options

Data Storage Management / Data Lifecycle Management

Storage Platforms Engineered for Enterprise Applications

(MS Exchange, SharePoint, SQL...)

Optimised Data Storage and Management Solutions for Business

Storage Array / Appliances

Storage Virtualisation

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Network Attach Storage (NAS)

Tiered Storage Solutions

Direct Attach Storage (DAS)

Big Data Storage Solutions

Blade Storage

Storage Networking

Data Storage Management Systems

Storage and Data Lifecycle Management

We take a holistic approach to data protection to meet complex operational, disaster and long-term retention challenges. 

Beyond the physical chassis, appliances, disks and connecting network types, our solutions either have built-in data management controls or rely on additional enterprise wide data management software or cloud based solutions. Data management / intelligence to manage storage platforms across geographical sites, tiered disk types and data life-cycle management. Some of the features include:

  • Manage multiple disk types (Flash, SSD, HDD, Tape).
  • Storage encryption.
  • Accurate capacity and performance planning.
  • Storage health reporting.
  • Virtual machine performance and latency monitoring.
  • Optimise virtual application performance with sub-millisecond read and write latencies.
  • Speed deployment of virtual machines and applications, including test / development environments.
  • Speeds provisioning of VMs in Hyper-V environments and reduces network traffic and host CPU overhead.

  • Mirroring
  • Continuous data replication
  • Snapshots
  • Compression
  • Deduplication
  • Backup and recovery
  • Virtual server / data protection
  • Data replication
  • Caching
  • Auto tiering / disk management
  • Thin provisioning
  • Data migration
  • Reporting and audit 
  • QoS (ensures high-priority workloads meet SLAs with predictable I/O performance by regulating resources consumed by lower priority requests)
  • VLAN Tagging: 
Identifies which Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) I/O traffic is associated. Enables multi-tenant environments and complex enterprise class networks, where more efficient use of array network ports is required. 

Flash Disk-Based Storage Arrays

> See phenomenal response time improvements

> Run everything faster

> Get 10x the performance in 90% less space

> 3.2 Million IOPS with less than one millisecond of latency

> Flash Arrays deliver low latency and high
> IOPs for virtual server environments running performance-hungry applications like VDI, SQL Server, Share Point, Oracle, and other business-critical applications.

> Run more virtual desktops per server

> Manage your flash storage from a mobile device – anywhere in the world.

Storage Array / Appliances

> Mid – Enterprise range

> Disk storage controller devices

> High Performance

> Real-time storage / disk tiering

> Fast I/O

> Thin Provisioning

> Virtual Snapshots

> Flash Cache

> Virtualised Storage

> Raid Management

> Fibre and/or iSCSI network (SAN) connectivity

> Supports up to 12PB usable

Cloud-Based Data Storage

> Storage requirements have been growing 50 percent year over year…

> Cloud storage is a cost effective way to acquire elastic, pay as you grow, data storage on demand.

> Data storage to serve your hosted cloud servers and applications.

> Leverage cloud storage for secondary storage, disaster recovery purposes or serve remote branch / offices.

> Off-site / cloud storage and recovery services commonly used for;

- Backup
- Replication
- Archiving
- and Recovery

> Free yourself from the grow cost and administration of tape and expensive on-site systems.

Hybrid Arrays

Hybrid arrays leverage the performance of flash, the density of hard disks and the rich features of data management.

Storage Optimised for Microsoft Applications

Optimised server, storage and networking solutions for business critical Microsoft Applications

> Microsoft Exchange
> Microsoft SharePoint
> Microsoft Hyper-V

Increase Database Performance

> Oracle

Optimised for Oracle Databases

> Reduce Database Response Times

> Support of Oracle RMAN Channels for multi-hundred terabyte databases for fast backup, restore performance, and failover.

> Optimised for SAP

Storage Virtualisation AKA 

Software Defined Storage (SDS)

Pool storage across multiple drive types, which improves I/O, application, business service performance.


Eliminate "data islands" and management complexity of storage silos.  

You have no doubt heard of and are familiar with server and desktop virtualisation.

Storage virtualisation is enabled by software management layer, creating independence from proprietary hardware controller chassis and disk arrays and specific manufacture of disks – fundamentally maximises the availability, performance and utilisation of disks in data centers large and small, significantly reduce costs. 

Full support of Citrix, Hyper-V and VMware platforms.

Common features and capabilities of storage hyper-visor platforms; 
  • RAID Stripping
  • Virtual Disk Migration
  • OnlineSnapshots
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Asynchronous Remote Replication
  • Data Analysis & Reporting

Image: Converged Storage Virtualisation

Use cases

  • Storage virtualisation consolidates existing network attaching computing power.
For example Small Server Clusters in Remote Sites, Branch Offices and Space-constrained Computer Rooms.

  • Latency-sensitive database applications
Speed up response and throughput by caching reads and writes from fast server RAM memory and keeping data close to the applications.

  • Integrates with staged / tiered cloud storage platforms

Storage Encryption

Today's enterprise requires enhanced security solutions to protect sensitive data, reduce the vulnerability of data at rest and for compliance.

Breaches in data security resulting from hard disk drive (HDD) theft, misplacement, or improper disposal can result in data loss, server outages, costly legal liabilities, client dissatisfaction, and negative press. The increased threat has placed security as a top concern for IT managers. Enterprises have responded by adopting various security policies, many of which include encrypting all data at rest to help ensure a consistent layer of protection against loss.

> Encrypt data easily and with no performance impact  

>FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated encryption

> Secure sensitive Personal Information (PI) according to regulatory mandates
  • Encrypt electronic medical records for HIPPA compliance to provide patient confidentiality from unauthorised or inadvertent disclosure.
  • Comply with payment card industry regulations that define requirements for protection of card holder data.
  • Protect intellectual property or other sensitive business data by encrypting data.

> Self encrypting drives

Virtual Desktop Performance Optimisation

> Deliver increased performance

> Cut storage costs

> Remove the risk of I/O hungry VDI task / storms


Professional Services

> Storage Readiness & Capacity Planning

> Storage Assessments

> Storage Testing


Managed Services

> Cloud Storage

Cloud-based data storage solutions, as a managed service, public cloud or private cloud services.

Services can include data management solutions (data backup, recovery, archiving, replication)