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Cyber Security

Enhance your IT security, data protection posture, reduce your information security risk, meet compliance and improve your operational efficiency.

Everything, Everywhere Data Protection

Protecting and securing all your assets, wherever they may reside.

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 Application Security


Data Security


User Protection




Connectivity / Networking
 Cloud Platform Security

Cloud Platforms

Mobile / Remote
 DDoS Protection

Web Services / Denial of Service Attack Protection


Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Secure Email

 Internet / Web Traffic Security

Internet / Web Based Traffic

Employee Productivity

Employee Productivity

 Database Security

 Encryption solutions


Mobile user protection

Mobile users

 Mobile Device Management


 Wireless Networking and Security

Wireless Networking

 Server Security


 Virtual Systems Security

Virtual Systems
 Network Segmentation

Network Segmentation

Access Control

Compliance solutions

Compliance, Legal, Risk, Governance, Audit, Policy

 Managed Services

Managed / Hosted Services

Professional Services

Consultancy, Technical, Professional Services, Support

Deliver leading and innovative security solutions, that integrate with existing heterogeneous and hybrid environments to ensure the highest levels of protection.

Implementation and support by fully accredited engineers and support staff.

Mobile Data Security

> Anti-Malware for Mobile Devices

> Anti-Spam

> Anti-Theft (remote find, geo-location, lock and wipe (lost / stolen devices)

> Anti-Virus

> Application Management / Control

> Authentication for mobile devices
> Content Management (protect documents from unauthorised distribution)

> Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

> Device, Data Encryption

> Encrypted USB storage devices

> Firewall for Mobile Devices

> MDM (Mobile Device Management) / BYOD
> Rooting / Jail-breaking protection

> Sandboxing (on device)

> Secure Data Container on mobile devices

> VPN / Secure Connectivity (connection & Wi-Fi encryption) 

> Web Content, URL, Data Security

Cloud Systems Security

> AirWatch

> Amazon AWS Web Services

> Application Control

> Data Encryption (in transit to and from cloud)

> Data Loss Prevention / Content Control

> Data Sovereignty (in the cloud / shared data centres)

> DDoS protection for cloud facing
> eDiscovery / Forensics - data in cloud

> Email Security SaaS / cloud

> Encryption Key Management - Cloud-Based / Hosted

> IBM Soft Layer

> Microsoft Azure

> Microsoft Office 365

> Network Access Control (NAC)

> Public Cloud Data Encryption / Segmentation

> Public Cloud Security (Virtual Firewall and Data Inspection) 

> Secure Collaboration (File Sync and share)

> Security for AWS (firewall policy management)

> VMware vCloud Air

> Vulnerability Scanning - web application servers etc

> Web Application Firewall Virtual Appliance for Amazon Web Services

> Web Security SaaS / cloud

> Web Server Load-Balancing cloud-based service

Virtual Systems Security

> Anti Virus (virtual Servers)
> Encryption (virtual servers)

Endpoint Protection
> Firewall (software)

> Anti-Malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, bots, zero-day threats)

> Authentication

> Policy / integrity Scanning

> Removable Media & Port Control (USB , CD, DVD)

> Vulnerability Patch Management

Network Security

> Datacentre Stacks

> Anti Virus (Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Devices, Servers, Storage platforms)

> Asset Management (view/discover all devices and network connections)

> Big Data & Hadoop Security

> Data at Rest / Storage Encryption

> Data Packet Inspection (DPI) (packet filtering /traffic inspection [network and web traffic])

> DDoS Protection
> Dedicated Site-to-site (fibre network) Data Encryption (inc voice & video) 

> DNS Firewall

> Encryption Key Storage / Vaulting / Protection / Appliance

> Firewall / VPN

> HoneyPot Intelligence

> IP Camera / Video Security Surveillance

> Microsoft TMG replacement

> Network Intrusion Detection IDS & Prevention IPS

> Network IPS / Malware Sensors
> Sandbox / Threat Emulation / ATP

> Secure Storage / Data Vaults (encrypted data on network device)

> Service Load-Balancing / Application Delivery (ADC)

> Threat Emulation / Application & Security Testing Appliances

> Threat Emulation Service (cloud service)

> Tokenization (for PCI compliance)

> VoIP and Secure SIP (VOIP encryption) / Phone Hacking Prevention

> Wireless Security (Intrusion Detection & Prevention)

Server Security

> Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

> Database Column Encryption

> Database Firewall
> Encryption (Database)

> Encryption (File Servers)
> Server Security (bundled IDS, IPS, Firewall, AV, anti-malware)

> Server Software Firewall

Web Security

> Anti-Spyware / Anti Malware / Anti Phising / Anti Virus

> Application & Database Protection

> Employee Internet Access / Web Content Filtering / URL Control

> SSL Certificates
> SSL de-encryption / https inspection

> Web / Internet Facing Server Protection

> Web Application Security / Social Media App Control
> Web Application Firewall / Security (WAF) (Website, Application & Database Protection)

> Web Application Server Vulnerability Scanning

> Web Proxy / Content Cache

Application Security


> IBM Domino

> Apache

> Citrix

> VMware

> Cisco

> Instant Messaging & P2P control

Identity and Access Management

> Context-Based Authentication (user, mobile, device, location) for Desktop, Application, Data & Site-to-site

> Clientless Access

> Identity & Access Management

> Network Access Control (NAC)
> Password Management

> Privileged Identity Management

> Remote Access

> Single-Sign On (SSO)
> SSL VPN / Traffic / Application Session Encryption

> Two Factor / Multi Authentication

> Wireless Network Access

Email Security

> Email Encryption

> Email Encryption for Microsoft Office 365

Audit and Compliance
> SIEM (Security Intelligence Event Management) / Log Alert Reporting

> Configuration Auditing & Management

> e-Discovery 
(find sensitive data)

> Forensics

> Incident Response

> Policy Management

> Security and Network Device

> Server Audit
> Regulatory Compliance & Audit

> PCI Compliance Version 3.1

> CIPA (Childs Internet Protection Act)

> Criminal Justice Information

> EU (European Union) Data Protection Regulation


> GCSx /GSI / Code of Connection (COCO) 4.1
> HIPAA Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (patient health information (PHI)

> ISO27001 and ISO27002

> NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

> Safe Harbor

> SCADA Industrial Control Systems

> Services (CJIS) Security Policy

> SOX Sarbanes Oxley Act


IT Security Focused Consultancy and Technical Services For All Your Assets











> Infrastructure Performance, Consolidation and Service Optimisation

> Vulnerability Assessments

> Risk Assessments

> Compliance Assessments

> Audits

> Qualified / Accredited PCI / FSA /ISO 27001:2 Assessments

> Security Policy Development

> Health Checks

> Testing

> Existing and New Solution Architecture / Infrastructure Review, Strategy, Design, Planning

> Budget Planning

> IT Solution Financing

> Proof of Concept - state of the Art solution demonstration labs

> Project Management - Planning & Delivery

> Prince 2 Project Management

> Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Server 2010 Migration Service

> Microsoft Server & Exchange Migration

> Linux support, server configuration, installation, co-existence, migration consultancy

> Commvault Professional Services

> Apple OS & Windows co-existence consultancy

> VMware vCloud

> Web Application Security & Load Performance Testing

> Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity strategy (data recovery and provision workspace infrastructure)
> Database Vulnerability / Security

> Engineering, Installation, Configuration & Support

> Management and Staff Training

> Cyber Security Training

> Knowledge & Advice Transfer

> Outsourced Information Security Manager (CISO)

> On-site / Resident IT security experts

> Outsourced IT support / technicians / engineers

> IT Security Forensics

> Fraud Investigation Service

> Incident Response

> IT Disposal

> Recover Deleted Data

> BYOD Security Policy Development

> Mobile Device Management (MDM)
- Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite
- Microsoft Windows Intune
- VMware AirWatch

> Microsoft Azure  & Private Clouds

> Microsoft Migration Consultancy

> Microsoft Office 365 onboarding support

> AWS Amazon Web Services Design and Build 

> Oracle Security, migrations, performance, testing, upgrades Service

> Data Protection & Management (backup, storage, recovery)

> Data Loss Prevention / On-network vs Cloud Security Service

> Server Auditing


  • Contract / SLA Based
  • Ad-hoc Assistance
  • On-Site Engineering
  • Remote Assistance
  • Managed Service
  • Vendor Specific


Network Health Checks / Network Assessment

Firewall / VPN Health check

Wireless Wi-Fi Network Site Survey and Health Check

Symantec Endpoint Protection, Symantec Cluster Server, Symantec NetBackup, Symantec Enterprise Vault, Symantec Backup Exec

Websense Health Check

NetApp Health Check

IBM TSM Health Check

HP Data Protector Health Check

Oracle Health Checks

Citrix Health Check

Storage Assessment

Server Health Check

Routing & Switching Health Check


Network Access Control (NAC) (Secure Remote Access Control / Access Management / Identity & Privileged User Access Control, SSL / VPN

Managed Authentication services

Managed Firewall (next generation firewalls)

Managed Cisco Security

Managed VMware Security (virtual data centres, servers and desktop environments)

- Deep Inspection Intrusion Prevention
- Web & Email Anti-Virus
- Web Content Filtering
- Rogue Device and Wireless Access Point Detection
- Internal Vulnerability Scanning
- Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
- Wi-Fi Hotspot
- Vmware / vShield security managed service
- Managed Anti Virus

Encryption Services

Managed Encryption - full-disk encryption for laptops, encryption for USB drives and other removable media

Encrypted File Storage and Sharing (collaboration)

Database Encryption (file system encryption, distributed storage encryption, row or column encryption).

Cloud Microsoft Azure Data Storage (At Rest Encryption)


Penetration Testing (DDoS defences, Firewalls, VPNs, IPS, Wireless, VOIP, IPv6, email servers) - External and Internal Scanning

Web Site Testing, Application Performance Testing, Load Testing  / Audit, Website Monitoring, On-Demand Testing Service, Real User Testing

Forensic Services (On-site or remote. Network intrusion, Virus Analysis and Fix)

SCAP (Supervisory Capital Assessment Program) validated compliance assessment, compliance evaluation and automated remediation

Mobile Code Testing

Server and Desktop Audit

Vulnerability Assessment & Report Service

Database Vulnerability Testing

Social Engineering Tests

SCADA Security: Penetration Testing Service

Network Testing (Ethernet, routers, Switches, Protocols, VOIP, Video, wireless, storage, iSCSi, Fibre)

Security Systems Testing

Wireless  / Wi-Fi Testing

Virtual Server / Systems / Datacentre Testing

Cloud Network and Application Testing

IPv6 Testing

Security Incident Response

Mobile / Mobility

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Threat Protection: anti-spyware, anti-malware, and a HIPS, firewall, application whitelisting for endpoint devices (laptops, desktop, mobile, servers)

Security Audit, Compliance, Governance, Incident Response


ISO27001 / 2

Data, Email & Internet Traffic Protection

Oracle Database Security – Service

Microsoft SQL Server Security

Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Network, Email, Web Traffic and Storage Data Checking for Sensitive Data

Email Security and Service Continuity

Email Encryption

Internet Traffic Data Security